PASSING THROUGH Book & Movie Project

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A year long journey that took our team to such locations as South Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Japan, Western Australia, Indonesia, Brazil and Tahiti. It is a depiction of the lifestyle of the nomadic travelling bodyboarder – Far from the glamour of their surfing counterparts, bodyboarders afford more flexibility to enjoy a location and be able to experience it’s culture as well as it’s waves, rather than a fly in, surf, fly out type scenario as most professional surfers are accustomed to. There is little to no money in professional bodyboarding, the riders are truly doing it out of pure passion and enjoyment.
Riders include Pierre Louis-Costes, Michael Novy, Tom Rigby, Jake Stone, Jared Houston, Dallas Singer, Sam Bennett, Jase Finlay and Nick Gornall, with cameos from locals in each location.
As well as being the senior photographer and art director for the project, I was also responsible for the production of both the book and film in conjunction with Phil Gallagher of Le Boogie Magazine. The movie was shot / directed / edited / scored by the talented James Kates.
Limited to a short run of only 1000 copies, the book sold out within the first two weeks. The Passing Through movie was at one point the number two downloaded movie on the Australian iTunes charts and consistently placed in the top ten of the sporting category for the first months of it’s release. The cover of the book ended up winning the Nikon / Surfing Australia Surf photo of the year for 2014.
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