Giclee digital print on Archival Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

Giclee digital print on Archival Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

After waiting over a year for the right conditions, I finally had the opportunity to test out this technique in Hawaii on a particularly clear day at Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu. As the sun rose, a bank of clouds created a pastel coloured spectrum from underwater and the clarity was everything I’d hoped for.

Being that it was shot in January, most of the international pro’s had gone home for a break. This left a handful of local professionals 
(Mason/Derek/Coco Ho, Dave Wassell, Carissa Moore) as well as about a thousand other tourists out in the lineup. The group of locals that were sitting on the peak had a pretty amazing system however – Whenever a set would appear, a number of them would paddle for it and call off all the tourists, then whoever’s turn it was in their group would take either the left at Pipe or the right at backdoor. This ensured they would get the majority of waves without having to hassle too much with the crowd.

"The Infinity Wall” series was awarded third place in the International Photographic Awards (IPA) for sports editorial in 2015, was featured on the cover of Surfing World and was awarded 5th in the Surfing Australia / Nikon Surf photo of the year for 2015.
This is an ongoing series (when conditions present themselves)
*Update; A second image of "Infinity Wall" has been added to the gallery above. This image was shot at Teahupoo, Tahiti and is featured on the cover of issue 23 of White Horses magazine.

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